The Era of Social Television

social television

A device that was able to show the arrival of man on the moon, to report on what is happening on the other side of the world, and to unleash emotions through sports competitions. There is nothing that can stop the new television concept, from those first televisions to Smart TVs. And, thanks to the new Telefónica TV Social service, television adds another evolutionary step that can already be witnessed at the MWC in Barcelona. A new concept that echoes the advantages of interactivity among users who enjoy television content.

social television

What is Social TV?

Technological evolution and the grouping of contents in the same device have led to the appearance of smart televisions. They allow us to watch conventional channels but with the added value of offering multiple services such as Internet access, consulting social networks, etc., while we enjoy our favourite program.

There, Telefonica’s Social Television enters the scene in Movistar +. Thanks to it, the user will be able to comment, debate or talk with friends or contacts in any live program through a system of multi conferencing and simultaneous chat. All of this represents a further step in the interactivity of television with an innovation project that offers the client much more than just tweeting a television program live on their mobile.

The social conversation, in the format that the user decides: text or chat or voice and image through videoconference; will appear on the TV screen in real-time, at the same time as the TV content being broadcast.

For this interaction to take place, the technical requirements of Social TV are minimal: an integrated camera with a microphone, to enjoy it on television, or a tablet or smartphone that will allow this interactivity with all the content available on Movistar +, from a game of football or tennis to a series or a movie gathering, among many others.

Taking innovation one step further

With the Internet connection of Smart TVs, the user has become accustomed to consuming content how and when they want. It is not simply about watching a channel, but it is about enjoying the experience of connectivity, applications and image quality.

Social TV is another step in the differentiation that Telefónica wants to bring its television offering in all the markets in which it operates, relying on the latest technology and the best content.

Another differential fact as a product for television such as Ready and the integration of premium channels within Samsung smart TVs. Another added value and innovation carried out by Telefónica.

In the field of technology and innovation, in addition to promoting the Social TV concept, Telefónica continues its commitment to developing the most avant-garde functionalities for its television model and to continue broadcasting in a different and attractive way for users, achieving that television is much more than the apparatus that crowns our rooms.

Best Washing Machines Under 15000 in India 2020

best washing machines

Today Washing machines have become a part of our modern life. A simple push of a button will give a clean & smell good clothes. Washing clothes could be an issue as your hands are exposed to those harmful chemicals which are part of your detergent or Washing bar. We have picked and tested these best washing machine under 15000 Rs which will give you the perfect clean clothes without leaving a hole in your pocket.

best washing machines

No doubt washing machines save a lot of effort and time. However, the price of these washing machines has been rising with the inclusion of new features. No need to worry. Hand washing another disgusting part is washing the clothes of relatives who might be spending some vacation time with you.

Best Washing Machines In India

Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Samsung without a single shadow of doubt, the most celebrated and successful electronics brand throughout the world. This brand has earned so much reputation in manufacturing various electronics product, no other brand even cannot imagine, I have had this washing machine once, and I was fully compelled by this product.

The body is made of stainless steel with a transparent front window. Over the year Samsung has introduced the latest and the safest washing technologies. You see the diamond ridges the machine features delivers optimum results for any kind of laundry.

You can have any kind of laundry, and would not witness a single stretching or tangling. The diamond shape is designed for the purpose, to hit the stains hard, remaining soft to the textures of the clothes. The tempered glass door is something durable. You can have any size of the load upon it and it would never be hesitant. This can withstand pressure and resistance to damage and scratches.

LG Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG puts the best technology that has the best use with this semi-automatic model washing machine that comes with Rat Away feature. This LG washing machine has a 3mm strong plastic cover with rat chemical that ensures any harm done to your washing machine is must be reduced to zero.

This design enables Wind Jet Dry function to your machine that reduces remaining moisture on laundry and the spin tub rotating at high rpm also reduces moisture and dust. And high rpm spin speed ensures to dry your clothes faster.

Washing Machines

The special feature of this washing machine is that it’s MRS (maximum rational speed) is 1350rpm spin speed. Spin speed refers to how many times your washing machine drum spin round a minute. So a setting of 1350 rpm means the drum will spin all the way around 1350 times every minute.

This model comes with a rust-proof free base that prevents your machine from getting dirty and make your washing machine easy to clean.

This washing machine comes with a Roller Jet Pulsator that is very much useful to remove unwanted dust & mites. The roller causes added friction to the clothes that result in the best quality wash.

Bosch Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

The Bosch washing machine comes with a capacity of 6.5 Kg which is good for a family of 4 members. It has a power-off feature which enables the machine to resume from where it stopped in case of power failure. The door glass is tough and strong which comes with a soft closing lid feature.

It comes with 8 washing programs which allow you to wash different kinds of fabric. The washing machine even works on low water pressure which makes it a perfect choice for low water pressure location. Other additional feature includes child lock, magic filter and dual dispenser.

How to Deactivate the Movistar Voicemail

Movistar Voicemail

For those of you who are interested in ending your days with an answering machine, we have good news: deactivating your Movistar voicemail is very simple. You will only have to make a call to 22500 or do it from your private area of Mi Movistar as we tell you throughout this article.

Movistar Voicemail

Remember that, if you are a Fusion Client and you have the UHD Decoder at home, you can also access the Living App Mi Movistar to check the breakdown of your lines and see if any of them have generated extra expenses this month.

How to deactivate the Movistar voicemail step by step

Here we explain step by step how to deactivate the Movistar voicemail in a simple way:

  • Access your private area of ​​the Mi Movistar portal.
  • When you are inside go to ‘Online management’ and select ‘Voicemail’.
  • Within this section choose the mobile line where you want to deactivate the mailbox and configure it as you prefer.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to save changes.
  • Also, you can call the freephone number 22500 to deactivate the Movistar voicemail, following the steps indicated from there.

Configure my Movistar voicemail

If what you want is precisely the opposite, activate the mailbox, we explain how to configure it.

Once you are in the ‘Voicemail’ section, as we have seen in the previous point, you also have the option to ‘Configure voicemail’ .

Once here, click on the button that appears on the right side and turns it green, in this way you can choose if you want to activate or deactivate your Movistar voicemail in the following cases :

  • When your mobile is communicating.
  • If there is no answer.
  • When it is off or out of coverage.
  • It is important that you remember to save before closing the window. Also, here you can also ‘Reset Voicemail password’.
New Movistar voicemail number: 22123

For those people who continue to use the Movistar voicemail, their phone number has changed. Until now, it was 123 was the numbering that was used to consult the messaging, however, as of January 1, 2021, it will be replaced by 22123.

This new numbering is already in use, along with the old one, with the aim that Movistar customers get used to it before the number change is made in less than two months.

How to Talk To a Doctor Online

best online doctor consultation

Going to the doctor without leaving home is a reality that is increasingly in demand, thanks to the possibilities offered by telemedicine. However, around this scenario, doubts may arise about when to make a telephone appointment or, on the contrary, a video call with a doctor.

best online doctor consultation

Saving time, greater flexibility, preventing self-diagnosis and self-medication, less risk of contagion, etc., are some of the advantages that this modality brings with it. The Movistar telemedicine service with the Movistar Salud application arises around this. If you also have any questions about the service, you can enter the Living App Movistar Salud.

Next, we give you the keys to know when to use a telephone consultation or a video call.

When to make a phone appointment to speak with a doctor online
To begin to explain when to use this route, we are going to exemplify it to later give you the keys.

Urine infection is one of the most common and annoying ailments among patients. Thus, with Movistar Salud, when the first symptoms begin to appear, we can request a telephone appointment and have the primary care physician directly prescribe the appropriate medication or give us the necessary advice for each pathology.

Based on the above and according to experts, the use of telephone calls is recommended when:

You need to collect some results.

You have questions about specific medications or want to renew prescriptions.
You suffer from symptoms that are not alarming, such as conjunctivitis, a cold, etc. And therefore, an immediate physical examination is not necessary.
You want to answer specific questions about your state of health. This is a common option for those who suffer from chronic diseases, such as diabetes, asthma, etc.
In short, the use of telephone calls to speak with an online doctor is recommended to address specific issues. It is a useful option, for example, to answer questions about feeding, vaccination, breastfeeding or mild symptoms in babies.

According to Eurostat data for 2017, 7.26 visits to the doctor were registered per inhabitant in Spain, a figure above the European average of 6.8. In this way, we manage to decongest medical centres with queries that can be easily resolved via telephone.

When to make an appointment via video call

For its part, with regard to consultations via video call, one of the most suitable examples of its use are dermatological consultations, since they are questions that can be resolved effectively, through this modality, without the need to travel.

Also, the cardiology of this system is used, since through the use of pacemakers or implantable electron diagrams it is possible that the doctor can follow the clinical evolution of the patient from a distance. At the same time, it is possible to know the blood pressure or the oxygen level in the blood.

Thus, other specialities benefited are endocrinology, obstetrics, psychology or rehabilitation. In the case of the latter, the doctor can guide the patient about the exercises he needs, without having to go to the medical center daily.

That is, consultations to speak with a doctor online through video calls are more frequent when it is necessary for the professional to visualize the patient’s condition. For example, its use is common after surgical operations, in this way it is avoided that the patient travels to the hospital and thus avoid possible infections.

How Wearables Will Improve Healthcare

health wearables

Thanks to your smartphone, bracelet or watch, today you can know how many kilometres you have walked, if your heart rate is adequate or if your blood oxygen is at an acceptable level. A long list of telemedicine devices that, together with an appointment with an online doctor, can give a complete vision about your health.

health wearables

With wearables, smart devices or telemedicine devices, which you can carry naturally and comfortably, you will even know if you have been sitting too long. Or if you have suffered a fall. And what about its possibilities to analyze if you sleep well or if you suffer from sleep interruptions or snore frequently. It may seem silly, but combining the consultation of an online doctor and the data provided by your wearables, you will know reliably if you are healthy. Or if you should start taking care of yourself a little more.

Technology at the service of your health. And, the best, at cheaper prices than a few years ago. What’s more, unlike the devices of yesteryear, they fit perfectly in your arm or pocket and you can carry them all day thanks to their battery life.

Permanent Surveillance of your vital signs

You may have iron health or have a chronic pathology. It is also possible that you have reached that age where you think that you should take care of yourself a little more if you want to age without too many health ailments.

Whatever your situation, having a telemedicine device will help you learn a little more about how your body works. And if your health is adequate or you need to change certain habits. All with the naturalness and comfort with which you can wear a watch or a bracelet on your arm. Without heavy or complex machines full of cables and sensors placed all over your body.

Beyond proposing a more active life and changing sedentary habits for physical activity, smart bracelets and watches serve both to help us practice more sport and to know if our body is okay.

To cite several examples. Since wearables hit the market, many have seen them as an opportunity to be constantly monitored and know their vital signs. Diabetics, people with cardiovascular problems or heart disease, individuals with neuromuscular problems or the elderly …

Unlike a doctor, obviously, a wearable we always carry with us, monitoring our vital signs. The result, knowing if your blood oxygenation is adequate. Or, more importantly, detect a possible arrhythmia before it leads to a major heart problem.

The information provided by these telemedicine devices can be of vital importance when we speak with our doctor. Or if we contact a doctor online through a call or video call. It is the difference between a sensation or symptom and data obtained through monitoring. Employing sensors and specialized technology.

Telemedicine and Telecare

The wearables emerged as focused devices sport and physical activity. Then they expanded their field of action to telemedicine and health. But there is another environment in which the smart devices that we carry with us are very useful: telecare.

Knowing if an elderly person or person who requires special attention is monitoring their constants or detecting if they have suffered a fall or an epileptic seizure is something that we have at our fingertips thanks to a simple smartwatch that can even be programmed to call a telephone number. emergency.