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peryourhealth insurance

Peryourhealth is an amazing website that helps those who are too poor to pay their medical bills by making their payments directly through electronic payments. is an online medical billing service, it is an online health insurance portal and Only Citizens of United States can avail its facilities. Any individual can pay off their medical bills in a very easy manner without facing any long queues.

peryourhealth insurance

On, you can pay your utility bills, you can check your statement and request the fund transfer as well. Apart from these features, there are much more features of per your health.

Online Bill Payment at Peryourhealth

Prior to the beginning, you want to have some basic items to try to payment. you ought to have an email ID, valid bill statement by the hospital, or medical providers who accept payment via per your health. Follow the step by step process to pay your online bills.

  • At first, you would like to attach your computing system with the web.
  • Now, you’ve got to open the online browser.
  • Then, you’ve got to verify that the hospital will accept all the payments through Peryourhealth.
  • You’ll need to access on
  • After that, you would like to seek out the login option, which might appear top right corner of the homepage.
  • Now, you’ve got to continue the login option button
  • Then, you’ll require a registered ID or peryourhealth access key.
  • Now, login together with your registration Id and password.
  • After that, pay your doctor’s bill and take the printout of it for further reference.
  • Besides this, whenever you’ve got to make a replacement account, you need an email id and also a mobile number. This helps you in paying your bills and on time.

Pay Bill on Phone – Peryourheath

The bill ought to even be doable. For paying your hospital expenses, please make certain you get your a reimbursement. On the off probability that affirmative, you’ll be able to continue.

peryourhealth login

  • There is a charge within the client service, you have got to decision client Care range.
  • They will request a variety of the therapeutic rationalization, enter the record range by phone keyboard.
  • Once the installation has been put in
  • On the opposite hand offer instalment points of interest like web saving cash, credit/charge cards.
  • Once the instalment is going to be done, you may get the SMS from the fruitful exchange.

Benefits of Peryourhealth

If you want to know the advantages of, there here are some benefits of using per your health.

  • You can pay you any kind of medical bills from anywhere in the world, you are just a few clicks away.
  • The service and portal are up for 24×7.
  • Once you got a login, you may check your due balance.
  • You can get notification of billings, you will have a history statement as well.
  • It is fully secure and fast.

How to Teach Your Kids Healthy Digital Habits

Healthy Digital Habits

I recognize that having grown as technology advanced has been an advantage. This way we have been able to have time to understand its function and its impact, even if it was more or less conscious.

Healthy Digital Habits

However, the new generations were already born with everything in place: kitchen robots, autonomous vacuum cleaners, huge screen mobiles, thin laptops, voice assistants, social networks, smart televisions … for this reason, services such as Qustodio, have become more and more important when accompanying children in their relationship with technology.

What is Qustodio Premium

Qustodio Premium is a service from which Movistar offers a solution that helps parents to monitor and protect their children’s online activity and thus be able to educate them on healthy digital habits.

Why is it important to use Qustodio?

These types of services are increasingly used to accompany children and adolescents on the path of digitization. In fact, according to data from the Children’s Diary Study (Ofcom – Digital Day 2016), 44% of children between 5 and 15 years old have their own tablet with Internet access. In addition, 32% of children between 8 and 11 years old have their own mobile. The digital life of young people starts earlier and earlier.

In fact, they spend more and more time online, increasing that time as they grow: from 5 to 7 years, they spend an average of 4 hours and 30 minutes with access to electronic devices. When they grow up, from 8 to 12, this time increases until they spend an average of 6 hours connected. From 13 to 19, the average time increases to 9h on average.


Taking into account that each time they connect to the Internet before and that as they grow, the connection time increases considerably, it is of vital importance to provide children with correct digital education.

Being able to help them create healthy routines with regard to the time of exposure to the devices or that the content they see is of quality, not harmful and appropriate to their age, is very important so that they have tools that make their experience on the Internet the best possible.

In addition, we must not forget that on the Internet we find situations such as cyberbullying, sexting, etc. that makes digital education key in being able to face conflicts, know how to report and overcome this type of crime together with their parents.

Qustodio Premium

The differential value of Qustodio Premium is that it shows you everything that is happening in the online world of your children, at the moment, allowing you to manage it.

If you know what they are doing and how they operate in this digital ecosystem, it is easy to talk to them, advise them and help them. For example, a typical conversation would be to accuse the child of spending too much time with the mobile. However, if instead of that conversation, you show them the number of hours you spend on the Internet per day, the tone would be totally different. Qustodio Premium helps you understand, manage and digitally monitor your family.

Qustodio features

  • You can customize the monitoring of each device depending on who uses it.
  • It is a multiplatform service, available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOs, Kindle and Chromebook.
  • It allows you to establish how long they can enjoy the Internet each day and even what games, applications, websites they can access.
  • You can monitor YouTube activity (checking the history of searches, reproductions) or status updates, photos and friends both on Facebook and on other social networks.
  • A family locator so you can view your children on a map to know where they are at any time. Even in an emergency, they can use (available only on Android devices) an “SOS button” which will send an emergency message with the specific location.
  • In addition to the above, it also offers a history of the messages and SMS they send, as well as keeping track of who your children talk to (on Android devices)

How to Talk To a Doctor Online

best online doctor consultation

Going to the doctor without leaving home is a reality that is increasingly in demand, thanks to the possibilities offered by telemedicine. However, around this scenario, doubts may arise about when to make a telephone appointment or, on the contrary, a video call with a doctor.

best online doctor consultation

Saving time, greater flexibility, preventing self-diagnosis and self-medication, less risk of contagion, etc., are some of the advantages that this modality brings with it. The Movistar telemedicine service with the Movistar Salud application arises around this. If you also have any questions about the service, you can enter the Living App Movistar Salud.

Next, we give you the keys to know when to use a telephone consultation or a video call.

When to make a phone appointment to speak with a doctor online
To begin to explain when to use this route, we are going to exemplify it to later give you the keys.

Urine infection is one of the most common and annoying ailments among patients. Thus, with Movistar Salud, when the first symptoms begin to appear, we can request a telephone appointment and have the primary care physician directly prescribe the appropriate medication or give us the necessary advice for each pathology.

Based on the above and according to experts, the use of telephone calls is recommended when:

You need to collect some results.

You have questions about specific medications or want to renew prescriptions.
You suffer from symptoms that are not alarming, such as conjunctivitis, a cold, etc. And therefore, an immediate physical examination is not necessary.
You want to answer specific questions about your state of health. This is a common option for those who suffer from chronic diseases, such as diabetes, asthma, etc.
In short, the use of telephone calls to speak with an online doctor is recommended to address specific issues. It is a useful option, for example, to answer questions about feeding, vaccination, breastfeeding or mild symptoms in babies.

According to Eurostat data for 2017, 7.26 visits to the doctor were registered per inhabitant in Spain, a figure above the European average of 6.8. In this way, we manage to decongest medical centres with queries that can be easily resolved via telephone.

When to make an appointment via video call

For its part, with regard to consultations via video call, one of the most suitable examples of its use are dermatological consultations, since they are questions that can be resolved effectively, through this modality, without the need to travel.

Also, the cardiology of this system is used, since through the use of pacemakers or implantable electron diagrams it is possible that the doctor can follow the clinical evolution of the patient from a distance. At the same time, it is possible to know the blood pressure or the oxygen level in the blood.

Thus, other specialities benefited are endocrinology, obstetrics, psychology or rehabilitation. In the case of the latter, the doctor can guide the patient about the exercises he needs, without having to go to the medical center daily.

That is, consultations to speak with a doctor online through video calls are more frequent when it is necessary for the professional to visualize the patient’s condition. For example, its use is common after surgical operations, in this way it is avoided that the patient travels to the hospital and thus avoid possible infections.

How Wearables Will Improve Healthcare

health wearables

Thanks to your smartphone, bracelet or watch, today you can know how many kilometres you have walked, if your heart rate is adequate or if your blood oxygen is at an acceptable level. A long list of telemedicine devices that, together with an appointment with an online doctor, can give a complete vision about your health.

health wearables

With wearables, smart devices or telemedicine devices, which you can carry naturally and comfortably, you will even know if you have been sitting too long. Or if you have suffered a fall. And what about its possibilities to analyze if you sleep well or if you suffer from sleep interruptions or snore frequently. It may seem silly, but combining the consultation of an online doctor and the data provided by your wearables, you will know reliably if you are healthy. Or if you should start taking care of yourself a little more.

Technology at the service of your health. And, the best, at cheaper prices than a few years ago. What’s more, unlike the devices of yesteryear, they fit perfectly in your arm or pocket and you can carry them all day thanks to their battery life.

Permanent Surveillance of your vital signs

You may have iron health or have a chronic pathology. It is also possible that you have reached that age where you think that you should take care of yourself a little more if you want to age without too many health ailments.

Whatever your situation, having a telemedicine device will help you learn a little more about how your body works. And if your health is adequate or you need to change certain habits. All with the naturalness and comfort with which you can wear a watch or a bracelet on your arm. Without heavy or complex machines full of cables and sensors placed all over your body.

Beyond proposing a more active life and changing sedentary habits for physical activity, smart bracelets and watches serve both to help us practice more sport and to know if our body is okay.

To cite several examples. Since wearables hit the market, many have seen them as an opportunity to be constantly monitored and know their vital signs. Diabetics, people with cardiovascular problems or heart disease, individuals with neuromuscular problems or the elderly …

Unlike a doctor, obviously, a wearable we always carry with us, monitoring our vital signs. The result, knowing if your blood oxygenation is adequate. Or, more importantly, detect a possible arrhythmia before it leads to a major heart problem.

The information provided by these telemedicine devices can be of vital importance when we speak with our doctor. Or if we contact a doctor online through a call or video call. It is the difference between a sensation or symptom and data obtained through monitoring. Employing sensors and specialized technology.

Telemedicine and Telecare

The wearables emerged as focused devices sport and physical activity. Then they expanded their field of action to telemedicine and health. But there is another environment in which the smart devices that we carry with us are very useful: telecare.

Knowing if an elderly person or person who requires special attention is monitoring their constants or detecting if they have suffered a fall or an epileptic seizure is something that we have at our fingertips thanks to a simple smartwatch that can even be programmed to call a telephone number. emergency.