The Era of Social Television

social television

A device that was able to show the arrival of man on the moon, to report on what is happening on the other side of the world, and to unleash emotions through sports competitions. There is nothing that can stop the new television concept, from those first televisions to Smart TVs. And, thanks to the new Telefónica TV Social service, television adds another evolutionary step that can already be witnessed at the MWC in Barcelona. A new concept that echoes the advantages of interactivity among users who enjoy television content.

social television

What is Social TV?

Technological evolution and the grouping of contents in the same device have led to the appearance of smart televisions. They allow us to watch conventional channels but with the added value of offering multiple services such as Internet access, consulting social networks, etc., while we enjoy our favourite program.

There, Telefonica’s Social Television enters the scene in Movistar +. Thanks to it, the user will be able to comment, debate or talk with friends or contacts in any live program through a system of multi conferencing and simultaneous chat. All of this represents a further step in the interactivity of television with an innovation project that offers the client much more than just tweeting a television program live on their mobile.

The social conversation, in the format that the user decides: text or chat or voice and image through videoconference; will appear on the TV screen in real-time, at the same time as the TV content being broadcast.

For this interaction to take place, the technical requirements of Social TV are minimal: an integrated camera with a microphone, to enjoy it on television, or a tablet or smartphone that will allow this interactivity with all the content available on Movistar +, from a game of football or tennis to a series or a movie gathering, among many others.

Taking innovation one step further

With the Internet connection of Smart TVs, the user has become accustomed to consuming content how and when they want. It is not simply about watching a channel, but it is about enjoying the experience of connectivity, applications and image quality.

Social TV is another step in the differentiation that Telefónica wants to bring its television offering in all the markets in which it operates, relying on the latest technology and the best content.

Another differential fact as a product for television such as Ready and the integration of premium channels within Samsung smart TVs. Another added value and innovation carried out by Telefónica.

In the field of technology and innovation, in addition to promoting the Social TV concept, Telefónica continues its commitment to developing the most avant-garde functionalities for its television model and to continue broadcasting in a different and attractive way for users, achieving that television is much more than the apparatus that crowns our rooms.