Best Washing Machines Under 15000 in India 2020

Today Washing machines have become a part of our modern life. A simple push of a button will give a clean & smell good clothes. Washing clothes could be an issue as your hands are exposed to those harmful chemicals which are part of your detergent or Washing bar. We have picked and tested these best washing machine under 15000 Rs which will give you the perfect clean clothes without leaving a hole in your pocket.

best washing machines

No doubt washing machines save a lot of effort and time. However, the price of these washing machines has been rising with the inclusion of new features. No need to worry. Hand washing another disgusting part is washing the clothes of relatives who might be spending some vacation time with you.

Best Washing Machines In India

Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Samsung without a single shadow of doubt, the most celebrated and successful electronics brand throughout the world. This brand has earned so much reputation in manufacturing various electronics product, no other brand even cannot imagine, I have had this washing machine once, and I was fully compelled by this product.

The body is made of stainless steel with a transparent front window. Over the year Samsung has introduced the latest and the safest washing technologies. You see the diamond ridges the machine features delivers optimum results for any kind of laundry.

You can have any kind of laundry, and would not witness a single stretching or tangling. The diamond shape is designed for the purpose, to hit the stains hard, remaining soft to the textures of the clothes. The tempered glass door is something durable. You can have any size of the load upon it and it would never be hesitant. This can withstand pressure and resistance to damage and scratches.

LG Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG puts the best technology that has the best use with this semi-automatic model washing machine that comes with Rat Away feature. This LG washing machine has a 3mm strong plastic cover with rat chemical that ensures any harm done to your washing machine is must be reduced to zero.

This design enables Wind Jet Dry function to your machine that reduces remaining moisture on laundry and the spin tub rotating at high rpm also reduces moisture and dust. And high rpm spin speed ensures to dry your clothes faster.

Washing Machines

The special feature of this washing machine is that it’s MRS (maximum rational speed) is 1350rpm spin speed. Spin speed refers to how many times your washing machine drum spin round a minute. So a setting of 1350 rpm means the drum will spin all the way around 1350 times every minute.

This model comes with a rust-proof free base that prevents your machine from getting dirty and make your washing machine easy to clean.

This washing machine comes with a Roller Jet Pulsator that is very much useful to remove unwanted dust & mites. The roller causes added friction to the clothes that result in the best quality wash.

Bosch Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

The Bosch washing machine comes with a capacity of 6.5 Kg which is good for a family of 4 members. It has a power-off feature which enables the machine to resume from where it stopped in case of power failure. The door glass is tough and strong which comes with a soft closing lid feature.

It comes with 8 washing programs which allow you to wash different kinds of fabric. The washing machine even works on low water pressure which makes it a perfect choice for low water pressure location. Other additional feature includes child lock, magic filter and dual dispenser.

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